Parent Testimonials about their Autistic Child’s Treatment

Unsolicited feedback from parents in the first three months of the Autism Healing Intention Treatment program:

“Over the last 3 months we have noticed the following improvements: using more words and new words all the time and appropriate use of the words, a huge increase in affection , which she is initiating. First time ever she said the words “ I LOVE YOU”, a new skill of blowing kisses. When she is going to bed, she is initiating tickling games….wanting us to be involved and to tickle her. She is initiating games to play with her, like running and chasing….., showing more independence. She is so much happier, and smiling a lot…with almost constant eye contact all the time, really present in herself, with bright eyes and making constant attempts to connect with all family members, showing us she is hungry by opening the fridge. Her speech therapist has also commented on the improvements…. more interaction, more words and vocalization, more eye contact, more interest in tasks, and more smiles and laughter with appropriate facial responses… A lot more subtle improvements showing that she is aware of everything going on around her, and her responses to them…” – Rachael Karkour-Dhu, Bunbury, Australia

“Towards the end of February, there seemed to be an increase in socialization… the teachers remarked that when he started with them a couple of months ago when he was telling the other kids to go away and not addressing them at all…. His twin was excited that they could play together… T. has definitely been a lot calmer and connected with a lot more appropriate communication with long, full sentences with consecutive exchanges around a topic and a new sense of calmness (agitation completely gone at times.)” – Susan Y Pruyn, Mclean, VA

page3_2“A. has picked up several new skills. Two weeks ago, she began pointing to what she wanted…She has not pointed to items that she wants even if they were two feet away in the past. The fact that she’s focusing on objects and pointing until she gets them is a big deal. She has been trying to vocalize more and has been a little more willing to try food items. She has also been more willing to play with her little brother several times. She has wanted to take short rides in the car a bit more than normal. Overall seems more aware.” – Paul, H., St. Louis, MO

“After a yummy expansion in Feb-Mar, this month, both Joaquin and I have seemed more contracted. However, I still notice all this growth he’s doing. I used to resist contractions, and now see them as the time when the magic of metamorphosis is happening….While “apparently less expansive” than last month, these are my favorite new observations about Joaquin over the last 7 days: For the first time…his abstract thinking –the opposite of literal thinking– is building up as his brain is perceiving and wiring more symbolic gestures…a new layer of the spatial awareness he seems to have grasped recently when his physical movement (jumping, climbing, balancing, and landing on his feet) suddenly became more daring and confident.… this is the first time that he easily, willingly, excitedly went with my suggestion to notice different things…and he was participating!…fearless and comfortable with the very close physical proximity to strangers for the first time….First time he role plays… using non-verbal physical movement to express it. All spontaneously which is the BEST part.” -Maria S., Salt Lake City, UT

“In January we saw a distinct boost in B.’s language. Much more happy and willing to answer our questions and more prompt with his responses. He was making comments much more than before. He was varying his sentences more instead of using a set phrase that works. He was also extending his sentences. Apart from language Bren started to take an interest in drawing. He also started to use a tracing app of his own accord. He started to show us things occasionally which he had rarely done before. The past month language has been more in the background and now there is more emphasis on nonverbal social interaction. Eye contact has increased significantly. A few times B. has done something and then looked proudly at me for my approval. He has been looking at me and laughing when I act the clown. The past several weeks he has been pulling lots of different faces and inviting me to copy his faces.” – Maike K., Sydney, Australia

“The program has gifted us a community of like-minded families who are cheering us on in this journey of J’s integration into his bio-body… J is experiencing his body in a whole new way for the first time in his 12-year journey. More and more exploration of vocal sounds and playfulness with his sound. He is exploring and discovering sound patterns through drumming. So thankful for the program.” – Jo-Ann Eccher, Aquinnah, MA

“I believe that the energy of the intention casted on my son, my husband and I has to be supporting our journey and most likely magnifying our own “work”. This year we’ve lived along with the experiment I’ve experienced acceleration. Yes, other factors may have contributed, and I may be witnessing the results of the momentum that was created over time and is now supported by the energy of the times; however, this is the year in which I’ve seen my child move into the areas he had not shown much spontaneous progress. These last months not only have I seen a dramatic expansion in his abilities and movement into areas he had not developed (e.g. willingness to interact and be with strangers and children, his oldest deepest challenge.)” – Maria S, Salt Lake City, UT


“1st day on registering for the experiment, DD was so very calm and relaxed, very peaceful, she is normally very hyper and doesn’t stop moving and climbing…1st day of the start of the experiment ….. She said about 20 different words…and these words were all in the perfect context ….we all couldn’t believe what we were hearing, just amazing. The 2 older children in our household, but not officially in the experiment, have also shown improvements…they BOTH have asked if they could be a part of the next one. This so far has been amazing to be a part of, and so looking forward to the next 9 months. With so much love, gratitude and thanks to Dr. Tiller and Suzy for having the vision to make this possible…” – Rachael Karkour-Dhu, Bunbury, Australia

“I noticed that T. was more independent with self care and also with putting himself to bed. -Susan Y Pruyn, McLean, VA.

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