Parents’ Experience with The Autism Treatment Program

“Ever since this experiment, our lives have been filled with so much joy! Every day there seems to be something to celebrate! I went into this experiment with 100% belief in it. I have done my own research before the experiment so I know the power of intention! I have known my son is a mirror to me and I realized a few years ago, that he was always reflecting my fear, my worries, and my discomfort back to me but magnified. I realized over many, many tears that this boy was trying to grow me, to better me! The more I stayed positive or overcame something, the more he shined! I switched my thinking and he started to blossom! Many don’t believe this is possible but we are living proof! My son went from hiding under blankets and grunting to being a very funny, happy and social boy! I was told by the school, before I made the decision to homeschool him, that my son would only be able to speak words that are drilled in him over and over. What they said to me went against my intuition, and now here we are living proof of the power of intention! This experiment has been an absolute blessing! I thank God everyday to finally be out of those dark, hopeless days to where we are today in the midst of this amazing program! What Suzy and Dr. Tiller are doing is priceless to me! Absolutely PRICELESS! No word can describe the gratitude I feel! I am so excited to see how this grows and what comes next! “– Julie K.M., Lake In The Hills, IL

page8_3“I’ve felt extremely comfortable in my life like I hadn’t before. I’ve released much density over the years in this journey including the months in the experiment, and I’ve recently experienced a sense of peace and joy and presence in my life and my current role, that had not come without effort before. I feel deeply attuned to my child, quick to support his movement where he’s headed, and I finally have no urgency for this “challenge” to end. It doesn’t feel like a challenge any more. Rather, I experience my life and work helping my child grow as the most exciting, interesting, and fulfilling project of my life. And he’s constant expansion has been accelerated during the months we’ve been in the program. Coincidence?” – Maria S, Salt Lake City, UT

“I think this is the first month that I have noticed a change in me, as the parent. I am just so much calmer and centered around who T. is and it doesn’t trigger me nearly as much as it used to. This is true both in the home and in public.” – Susan Y Pruyn, McLean, VA

While the parents significantly ease their parenting stress, they report that their autistic children experience significant development.