About Us

Tiller and Miller created the Autism Healing Intention program, each leveraging their unique and complementary backgrounds.

The program is manged by the Merraki Institute, a flagship for ushering in the acceptance of subtle energy effects.


Dr. William Tiller

Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Dr. Tiller is author of three books and 250 scientific publications in his orthodox science plus the author of 4 books, 150 scientific publications, 2 DVDs and 28 free white papers focused on the science of intention and consciousness. Dr.Tiller has spent over four decades avocationally pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study in the field of psychoenergetics, with a special focus on the power of coherent intention to change physical reality. Dr. Tiller was previously Chair of the Materials Science Department at Stanford University.  (www.tillerinstitute.com).





Suzy Miller

Former Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, international speaker, founder of the pioneering Awesomism Certified Practitioners Program and author of the seminal book Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism, Suzy Miller has long heard, directly from the children, specific details regarding the requirements necessary for children diagnosed with autism to fully integrate into the physical experience. (www.suzymiller.com)