The Autism Healing Intention Broadcast


As a parent of an autistic child, you are faced daily with many challenges as to how best to care for your child and to determine the most beneficial treatments which may help his or her development. This can be a very frustrating, confusing, and stressful process. While there are many pharmaceutical and therapeutic models available on the market, many parents see the value of more natural treatments to support their autistic children.

A New Science to Help Your Child:

Remote Energetic Healing

Autism Pioneer Suzy Miller paired with Stanford Emeritus Professor William Tiller to explore new participant-validated energetic healing approaches to autism. Dr. Tiller, featured physicist in the movie WHAT THE BLEEP, along with former Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Suzy Miller, M.Ed., C.C.C. have taken their understanding of autism and paired it with the most cutting edge remote healing techniques.  The result is a service for parents and autistic children which is not locale-specific (i.e. can be administered remotely), is all natural with no supplements, and also offers a supportive online community of like-minded parents of autistic children.



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